Woodpecker PT-A Dental Scaler and Air Polisher

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The Woodpecker PTA model combines air polishing and scaling into one smart system with an easy to understand and adjust touch screen display.  The PTA is your complete prophylaxis solution.  Air polishing uses compressed air to spray powder and water on the tooth surface to remove surface adhesives such as plaque. It is comfortable for the patient, powerful and does not scratch the tooth surface. The PTA has dual water supply bottles and a multi function foot pedal.
PTA Model Includes the following - 
1 x PT-A Unit
1 x water bottle 600ml
1 x water bottle 1400ml
1 x multi function foot pedal
1 x Power adapter
2 x scaling handpieces
1 x Polishing Handpiece
1 x Perio Handpiece
2 x torque wrench for scaler tips
14 x  scaling tips
10 x tips
3 x sterilization cassettes
1 x air line with fittings

» Woodpecker PT-A Dental Scaler and Air Polisher User Manual

What powders can be used in the PT-A and PT-B models?

Sodium Bicarbonate (< 65um)

Glycine (< 65um)

Erythritol( < 65um)

To order Woodpecker brand powders please click here.

Note on Air & Water Connections

Black Color Tubing - this is for air
Clear Tubing - this is for water

Due to the large volume or chair types and unique connections for each brand of dental chair, the required adapter to use this product may not be provided depending on your brand and connection types. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance, but we have found that several offices do have their local technician install the product. The exact adapter you may need may not be included.

Tubing is generally measured by the OD Outside Diameter because it is used with push-to-connect fittings. The tubing that comes with the APA, PTB & PTA models is 1/4” OD.

If you require another adapter size (e.g., 3/8” size) for your specific chair model you must use one compatible with a 1/4” size tubing to use the tubing provided with the product.

Air & Water Connections

If a 3/8” connection is needed (which is not provided by Woodpecker) we recommend one like this part #0013.

» https://www.dcionline.com/parts/product/0013

Then to use the Woodpecker tubing you will need to select one of the connections below along with the 3/8” part #0013.

Part #0030 is a good option to get the 1/4" tubing to adapt up to the 3/8 tubing to connect the the 3/8” QD.

» https://www.dcionline.com/parts/product/0030

Or option 2 is to use part #0044 this will attach to the QD and then the 1/4" tubing also.

» https://www.dcionline.com/parts/search-results?keywords=0044&search_type=all

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