Woodpecker O-Star Wide-Spectrum Curing Light

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Woodpecker O-Star Wide-Spectrum Curing Light

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O-Star Wide Spectrum Curing Light from Woodpecker.

The O-Star curing light is small BUT POWERFUL.

Full-metal body, ergonomically-streamlined design for ease of holding during procedures. Light weight design, anti-shock protection from dropping and durable.

7 convenient use modes to meet a variety of clinical needs.

MODES: Normal MODE, High MODE, Turbo MODE, Ortho MODE, Soft MODE, Pulse MODE and Check MODE.


The O-Star does have a tacking tip. The Point Cure Lens that comes with the O-Star Curing Light is a magnetic lens which provides pinpoint curing of small composites and is helpful for tack curing.

Light Intensity 1,000 up to 3,000MW/Cm2

Caries Detection Goggles for use with the O-Star Curing Light "Check Mode" feature for caries detection. Without these goggles, the "check-mode" feature on the O-Star curing light will not be able to be used. Please add these goggles if you are interested in utilizing this feature on the O-Star curing light.

Caries Detection Goggles

Uniform beam, strong penetrability

More focused light output thanks to light angle of only 15.8°. Ensuring good deep curing effect. The light intensity of Curing light will be reduced when the curing distance increases. Compared to other Curing Lights, O-STAR undergoes less light loss.

Light Intensity up to 3,000MW/Cm2

Charging Base with Built-In Light Meter

There is a light meter built in the charging base. Accurate light intensity is required for efficient polymerization of the resin, bringing you and your patients the best treatment experience.

360° Rotatable Head

The rotatable head allows for easy illumination at all angles in the mouth. The low-profile head can easily reach the posterior teeth. The patient only needs to open slightly and enjoy comfortable treatment.

Basic Technical Specifications

Size of main unit: 23mm—23mm—204mm
Net weight of main unit: 108g or 0.24 pounds
Applied parts of the equipment: Top of main unit, Point cure lens
Duty cycle of the equipment: 20 Sec on/20 Sec off

Light source:

10W high power
Wave length: 385nm~515nm
Class: Class 2

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Woodpecker O-Star Pro Curing Light