Physics Forceps Separators

Physics Forceps Separators are uniquely designed instruments to assist in the atraumatic extraction process that are easier and faster to use than traditional instrumentation.

What is a Separator™ & What is its Use? To separate is defined as a division, or to cause to divide, into distinct elements - to be apart from being one. As we think of the extraction process, we are trying to separate the tooth from the socket, to separate and sever the PDL from the tooth, to separate the surrounding tissue from the tooth, where the tooth shall become extracted and be one amongst itself outside the socket. How we achieve this separation, and the success of such separation, can depend on the instrumentation and techniques utilized. Through years of clinical research and testing by Dr. Richard Golden and Dr. Ara Nazarian, we introduce to you the Physics Forceps Separators™ Series as a new class of dental instrumentation to assist you in the preparation of the atraumatic extraction process.
Golden Dental Solutions Separators™ are uniquely designed instrumentation to assist in the atraumatic extraction process. The Separators are easier and faster to use than traditional instrumentation and provide all that you need to prepare for an atraumatic extraction of a tooth or root tip. The Separators design and packaging is based on extensive clinical evaluations by key opinion leaders resulting in a convenient and streamlined set of just five (5) Separators.

Separators #1, #2 and #3

The Separators™ Essential Series Kit includes Separators #1, #2 and #3. These Separators™ are inserted vertically into the PDL space in order to sever the ligament and laterally expand the socket to create a larger path for delivery of the root structure when utilizing the Physics Forceps extraction instruments, or your selected choice of extraction instrumentation. The Separators eliminate the two prime retentive factors (PDL and surrounding tissue) that engage the tooth in the socket making the atraumatic extraction process more efficient and atraumatic.

In addition to severing the PDL, the Separators™ Instruments allow for separation of the surrounding tissue to minimize damage to any tissue helping achieve a better aesthetic result, especially when implant placement is indicated.

The single ended design of the instruments allows for use of your palm or finger pressure to significantly increase the applied force to the instrument head in order to drive the tip apically into the socket as desired.

Separator™ #1 - Bayonet

Separator™ #1 is designed with a bayonet shaped tip to be used interproximally. The fine points or blades of the bayonet tip facilitates sulcular retraction and easily engages into the PDL space. The thin and sharp profile, and sharpened edges of the design, sever the ligaments efficiently and expand the alveolus laterally.

Indications for Use: Interproximally in the upper or lower arch

Separator #2 - Straight

This instrument is designed with a straight shaped tip to be used on facial surfaces. The Straight Separator™ #2 can be advanced easily into the tightest of periodontal spaces to sever the fibers and start the atraumatic extraction process.

The completely straight design of this Separator™ enables a direct transfer of apical force to the tip of the instrument to quickly sever the PDL and expand the socket laterally in preparation for an atraumatic extraction.

Indications for Use: Facial surfaces in the upper or lower arch

Separator #3 - Curved

This instrument is designed with a curved shaped tip to be used on lingual surfaces. The Curved Separator™ #3 can be advanced easily into the tightest of periodontal spaces to sever the fibers and start the atraumatic extraction process. It severs the ligaments efficiently and expands the alveolus laterally making space or a purchase point for the Beak of the Physics Forceps, or other extraction instrumentation of choice.

Indications for Use: Lingually in the upper and lower arch, with better access to posterior teeth.

Separators #4 and #5

The uniquely designed Separator™ Root Tip Kit set allows practitioners to separate root tips from the socket in an efficient manner and delicate manner in difficult-to-reach areas. The set of two (2) instruments allows for right and left facing root engagement as opposing offsets of each other as needed by the practitioner.

Indications for Use: Any root tips in the upper or lower arch too subgingivally to be engaged by Beak of Physics Forceps, or extraction instrument of choice.

With Separators #6 and #7

The micro-serrated blades are designed to be very thin to easily engage into the periodontal area, but not sharp to damage the surrounding tissue in preparation for dental implants. The technique is not to use force or pressure, but to allow the serrations to effortlessly cut with a controlled up and down motion with the “saw" like blades. The light weight design allows for superior control and handling, and easy access to the anterior and posterior regions. The blue titanium tips eliminates bending or dulling - quality designed to last!
As practicing dentists, with over 60 years of combined experience we have tried and evaluated many products over the years. We have taken this knowledge and experience into account when working with Golden Dental Solutions in developing a line of instrumentation that is practical, provides predictable results and provides better clinical outcomes for our patients. In addition to the clinical aspects, the instruments were designed to make our lives as dentists less stressful. We worked closely with the Golden Dental Solutions management team to design, manufacture and clinically test this new instrumentation series called the Separator Series.

Dr. Richard Golden Dr. Richard Golden ~ "Let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating for us dentists when we have to dig for root tips. This is even more frustrating when you are working with an instrument that is too thin, bends, or is not properly designed to engage the root. Over the last 40+ years of practice I have seen and evaluated many root tip picks on the market and this is the only set I would ever recommend to my colleagues and is a must."
Dr. Ara Nazarian Dr. Ara Nazarian ~ "The Physics Forceps are my choice for atraumatic extractions in preparation for dental implants to preserve the surrounding bone and tissue. I find these Separators are a great adjunct or pre-step to using the Physics Forceps in certain cases to absolutely ensure the site will be ideal for immediate placement. I highly recommend these Separators for anyone placing implants."
Separator Intro Kit

Separator Intro Kit


Complete set of 7 instruments for tooth extraction preparation and root tip removal

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Separators Essential Kit

Separators Essential Kit


5 uniquely shaped instruments to help efficiently engage the PDL space and separate, maintain and preserve surrounding gingival

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Separators Root Tip Kit

Separators Root Tip Kit


Set of 2 - left or right angled to efficiently remove root tips

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Separators Root Tip Kit Separators Serrated Kit


Set of 2 - anterior and posterior

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Coming soon, please check back in the near future.

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