Tuttle Numb Now - Injection Training & Needle Guides

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Tuttle Numb Now - Injection Training & Needle Guides

The TuttleNumbNow (TNN) training protocol and needle guides allows dentists to achieve an effective, efficient and orderly manner for local anesthesia that works. Dentists everywhere are already trained to give an injection and then wait. The problem dentists face is when the patient doesn't get numb and dentists question what to do so they can start their procedure with the patient being comfortable without pain. These tough-to-numb teeth can be very frustrating for the dentist and the patient. With the TuttleNumbNow system, there is no guesswork on how to address these situations.

The key to the TuttleNumbNow's effectiveness is its simplicity. If you are familiar with GoldenDent, we focus on products that are simple and clinically effective. The TuttleNumbNow protocol and needle guides meet this criteria to be a great fit for us. Simply use a standard dental syringe paired with a premium needle and the TNN needle guides to perform your injections. That's all. You won't need any special handpieces or perforators, and you can reduce and even eliminate the need for nitrous and sedation in some cases.

With TuttleNumbNow training material, you will learn to start with the shot that works best. The TNN training guide gives you the most direct way to numb a tooth with the least amount of anesthetic, all in the least painful way. The TNN training will teach you easy to follow steps to a new primary injection for lower molars. In the TNN training, Dr. Tuttle gives you the precise injection site, type, needle, drug, vasoconstrictor, and dose for your patient.

  • Eliminate the most common frustration for the patient, "I can never get numb"
  • Eliminate the most common frustration for the dentist, "I can't get her numb"
  • Reduce the use of IA nerve block except for lengthy procedures
  • Bypass waiting for anesthetic onset... "Set down the syringe and pick up the drill!"
You won't get stuck wondering what to do if your first injection doesn't work. The TuttleNumbNow system works because it is tailored for all skill levels and specialties. All you need is an open mind and the personalized training kit to get started. The training guide will clearly explain how it works!

Get started today for better anesthesia.

How does TNN compare to the X-Tip or Stabident & Why Should I Switch? In summary, TNN does NOT require you to drill. You do not need any special handpieces or perforators to achieve effective and efficient localized intraosseous injections. And, then there is the cost. TNN is simpler and a fraction of the cost compared to X-Tip.

The comparison chart below explains the main differences between the two systems and why you should use TNN versus other intraosseous solutions.

Tuttlenum Comparison Chart, Physics Forceps - Dental Forceps

What is TNN and How Does it Work? What am I Buying?

  1. Start with our recommended TNN incremental syringe with measurement guides, or simple your existing conventional dental syringe.
  2. For anesthetic use Septocaine (Articane 4%) 1:100,000 Epinephrine or Carbocaine 3% for no epinephrine patients.
  3. Select our recommended Septoject Evolution 30 gauge short needle with scalpel tip design and screw it onto your selected syringe.
  4. Place the TNN Needle Guide onto your needle selected in Step 2. This allows you to penetrate bone without drilling.
  5. Bend the needle in accordance with the TNN recommended instructions provided with the system.
  6. Put down the syringe and get to work immediately with no waiting.

With the TNN system you receive expert instructional material (videos) from Dr. Greg Tuttle on how to deal with any tough to numb situation. Just follow the steps and never worry about achieving effective and efficient local anesthesia ever again.

TuttleNumbNow (TNN) Personal Training Starter Kit

What's included:

  • The Right Tools- 10 recommended needles, 1 syringe and 10 TNN Needle Guides
  • Reference Materials- An instructional booklet for easy reference
  • In-Depth Training Videos on USB Stick

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