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The Ancorex threaded titanium metal post brand from Nordin contain 99.6% pure titanium. Titanium is light weight, extremely strong, and has no chemical reaction or corrosion. As with most dental implants made from titanium, titanium is proven to be very tissue compatible. The Ancorex Titanium Posts have an innovative shape, thread and head design for the best clinical results, as well as twenty convenient sizes to ensure you always have the right size for your cases. The posts can be either screwed in or cemented - it's your choice based on the clinical application. Beyond the clinical benefits, the Ancorex brand in packaged in a smart and organized compartment box for a price that is a fraction of other threaded post brands. Compare today with our Nordin Ancorex Intro Kit.

Shape Design: Cylindrical & Conical. 2⁄3 of the length is cylindrical for the best retention and 1/3 of the length is 3° conical to avoid stress in the apex area of the root.

Thread Design: The thread is designed to give mechanical retention in the dentine when screwed in, or to give retention in the cement if the post is cemented.

Head Design: The slot around the head is designed to provide mechanical retention for build-up material composite or amalgam. The head also has cross cut to make use of the convenient cross key that comes with the system.

Evacuation Slot: The design as a slot along the threaded part to allow excess cement to escape which might otherwise cause pressure in the apex.

Cemented or Screwed Use: The posts can be used as a cemented post or as a screwed in post.

Sizes: With 20 convenient sizes you will always the right size for every possible case.

Calibrated Reamers: The posts come in thickness Sizes 1-6. Reamers assorted 1-7. If post is to be screwed in, use reamer of same number as post. If post is to be cemented, use reamer one number larger than post.

Product Availability:

Ancorex Intro Kit (Part: 05-001)

Assorted box with 5 posts each size - 100 posts
1 Hollow Key
1 Cross Key
Assorted box of Reamers S 1-7
Reamers-Stand N° 1-7

Ancorex Assortment Kit (Part: 05-002)

Assorted box with 5 posts each size 100 screws
1 Holllow Key
1 Cross Key

Screw Post Refills (Part: 05-003 thru 05-008 )
Refill with 10 posts, all posts the same size by selecting N° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 in sized S/short, M/medium, L/long, or XL/extra long (XL only N° 4 & 6 available).

Reamers Assortment Small (Part: 05-100)
S 1-7 short, assortment of 7 pcs

Reamers Assortment Long (Part: 05-101)
L 1-7 long, assortment of 7 pcs

Reamers Refills Short (Part: 05-102 thru  05-107)
3 pcs reamers, all the same size by selecting N° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

Reamers Refills Long (Part: 05-109 thru 05-115 )
3 pcs reamers, all the same size by selecting N° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

Keys - Hollow (Part 05-200)

Keys - Cross (Part  05-201)

Threaded Metal Posts Decription

Threaded Metal Posts


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