Tanigo HVE Suction Mirror Heads - Qty 50

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Tanigo HVE Suction Mirror Heads

Tanigo logo Tanigo is a convenient single-use HVE suction mirror head that combines HVE suction, a dental mirror and retraction dental functions into one smart device for improved efficiency. The Tanigo also facilitates proper aerosol reduction during your dental procedures. Recent studies show HVE reduces 90% more aerosols during a dental procedure compared to a normal saliva ejector. Tanigo is a smart and affordable method to keep you, your staff and your patients safe from harmful aerosols. The high volume suction around the "floating" anti-fog mirror allows the mirror to stay clean and clear minimizing the need to clean the mirror often and work more efficiently with better visibility. As you will see in the design, the mirror actually "floats" within the head allowing the liquid to easily flow off the mirror lens versus collecting on the lens and minimizing your visibility. Tanigo is perfect to hygienists, dental assistants and dentists. The Tanigo HVE mirror tips are compatible with your existing HVE valve and tubing. The Tanigo tips should also fit perfectly into any third-party brand of HVE tips. There are no special adapters, tubes or parts needed to use this smart HVE suction system.

The product includes 50 individually bagged Tanigo mirror heads & 50 adaptable HVE suction tubes. The HVE tubes are provided with the mirror heads for the unlikely case the Tanigo tips do not fit perfectly into your current brand of HVE tips.

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