Golden Pay Payment Plans

Golden Pay Payment Plans

100% Financing

100% Financing - No Fees or Interest

All equipment costs, shipping and any applicable taxes will be included in your payment and spread across your monthly payment plan. No hidden fees, no activation costs and no interest. You pay what you owe.

Low monthly payments

Low Monthly Payments - Pick a Plan That Works

We offer interest free payment plans up to 6 months. You pick what works for you. No incremental interest collects on your monthly payment, so you will always pay the same amount until your balance is paid in full.

How does it work

1) Determine if the Product is Eligible for Payment Plan. Current Products Eligible Shown Below.

PECK away at your payments with Golden Pay

2) Call 1.586.585.1210 to Order

3) Pick Your Payment Plan - Max 6 months

4) Review & Agree to Payment Plan Terms

5) Make Payment 1 & Get Product Shipped

It's that simple