Calaject Computer-Assisted Local Anesthesia

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CALAJECT Computer-Assisted Local Anesthesia
Let's face it, patients do not enjoy injections as they can be uncomfortable.  Calaject allows you to deliver pain-free injections with ease.  The Calaject computer controls the flow rate, ensuring smooth and gentle flow of anesthesia. The light pen grip design and foot pedal switch provides a relaxed working position and excellent finger support so that the needle can be kept perfectly still without vibration. The easy to understand visual displays and auditory alerts makes the Calaject easy to implement into your practice.
The secret is an intelligent and gentle administration of the anesthetic solution which prevents the pain that typically occurs when an injection is given too quickly. Calaject features three program settings which are carefully designed for the most common local anesthesia techniques used in the oral cavity: intraligamental and palatal injections, infiltrations and nerve block anesthesia.
No special needles or carpules needed unlike other systems on the market. Simply use your normal needles and carpules as you would with your conventional syringe.
CALAJECT- Awarded "2022 Top Award Winner - Anesthetic Device" by Dental Advisor
The Calaject received the esteemed recognition "2022 Top Award Winner - Anesthetic Device" by Dental Advisor.

CALAJECT was evaluated by six consultants and used 153 times in total, the highlighted features were:

  • Ergonomic unit with small footprint
  • Good visual displays and auditory signal
  • Controls flow of local anesthetic
  • Automated aspiration

Some of the comments were:

  • "Easy to see the remaining anesthetic and listen to the auditory beep for speed/pressure." 
  • "I really liked the small footprint and high-tech look of the unit."
  • "Easy to set up and load/unload."
  • "No extra disposable tubing to deal with."
  • "Every single patient loved it."
  • "Simple concept, great ergonomics without thumb pain or contortion."
Follow the link to read the full evaluation report:


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