Woodpecker Ai Ray Lite Portable Hand Held X-Ray

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The Woodpecker Ai Ray Lite Portable Hand Held X-Ray device is the latest generation of portable hand held x-ray devices from Woodpecker. The Ai Ray Lite is the lightest and most advanced portable hand held x-ray device Woodpecker has produced. The device weighs 5.29 pounds and has a sleek, smart and functional design for ease of use. The user interface is easy to use and adjust for the optimal digital x-ray. The Ai Ray Lite has the ability to mount the unit on a stand and use the wired cable switch to operate the device at a distance.

Imported Japanese Canon 0.4mm High-Frequency X Ray Tube

Emission Power up to 140W Super High Performance and Efficiency

7500mAh High Capacity Lithium Battery Delivers a longer endurance - Aprox. 700 exposures on a single charge. On average 3-5 days without a charge depending on frequency of use.

Primary Technical Parameters:

Power adapter input: ~ 100-240V 50/60Hz 3mA
Internal power supply: DC 10.8V

X-Ray Tube
a) X-ray tube model: D-045;
b) Focal spot: 0.4mm;
c) Target angle: 12.5°;
d) Total filtration: 1.5mmAl/70 kV;
e) Additional filtration: 0.5mmAl/70 kV

Product Dimensions: 338mm x 112mm x 247mm or 13.3in x 4.41in x 9.72in

FDA Approved, 510K #K222569

We have internally tested the device with several different brands of sensors without any issues. If the Ai Ray Lite is not compatible for any reason with your x-ray sensors the product may be returned within our stated return policy.

The Ai Ray Lite has a 7500mAh high capacity lithium battery that delivers a longer endurance than other models on the market with replaceable batteries. The Ai Ray Lite will allow for approximately 700 exposures on a single charge. On average, we have found offices use the Ai Ray Lite for 3-5 days without a charge depending on frequency of use. The Ai Ray Lite battery is over twice the size of other models, such as the Nomad, where the batteries may need to be changed during use. The Ai Ray Battery has a much longer use time per charge and there is no need to change the batteries like other models. If the battery needs to be replaced for any reason it would have to be sent in for us to replace the battery and the unit does have to be opened to access the battery.

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