TrollFoil Pre-Mounted Articulating Foil

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The TrollFoil Articulating Foils are the thinnest articulating foils on the market! Research shows that the thinner the articulating foil, the better. Thick articulating paper generates a less uniform and larger occlusal contact area than the occlusal area marked with thin articulating foil. The TrollFoil is a must have for your practice.

Available in Standard Red or Blue, Mini and 4.5 Super-Thin.

  • Blue or Red foil
  • Thickness 8 micron (Super-Thin is 4.5 microns)
  • Inked on both sides
  • Premounted in a frame
  • 100 or 500 pcs boxes available

The foil covers half the dental arch. The fact that it is mounted in a semi-rigid frame means that the foil is always flat and stretched.

The 4.5 Blue Foil is 4.5 microns thick! TrollFoil made a super thin TrollFoil which is the 4.5 Blue Option.

The TrollFoil Mini is an occlusion and articulation foil in a mini format. It is designed as a strip that covers 1-2 teeth. An intelligent folding system works both as a protection and as a stable handle in the working moment.


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