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SeeMore Lip, Cheek & Tongue Retractors. The Retractors are re-usable, quick & simple to use, increases patient comfort & allows for unobstructed visibility for any restorative procedure. The retractors allow for perfect “bumper” placement when utilizing the Physics Forceps. The retractors have many users, including placement of orthodontic brackets and debonding (removal) of said brackets, useful when taking full arch impressions, perio procedures, tooth crown preparations (increased access and visibility!) and implant placement surgery just to name a few!

The retractors are available in Sizes Small and Large, and are packaged in quantities of two pieces per package (two Smalls or two Larges).

Step 1: Place the lateral flanges in the mouth first by squeezing the retractor in a horizontal fashion;

Step 2: Next, place the upper and lower lips inside the corresponding flanges;

Step 3: Inform the patent to lightly rest their tongue in the lingual tongue cup.



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