Woodpecker MT2 & MT3 Electric Motor & 1:5 Contra-Angle

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The MT2 and MT3 are the same motors, but the MT3 has a free-standing water tank so it does NOT have to be connected to your dental chair unit for its water source. The MT3 is also more portable as it is not wired to your chair for water.
The MT2 & MT3 Electric Motor = Powerful. Versatile. Small.

The Woodpecker MT2 & MT3 brushless electric motor offers impressive functionality and comfort. The MT2 & MT3 is an affordable and smart way to switch from turbine to an electric handpiece.  Electric handpieces provide a constant speed and torque that does not change as the load increases. Due to the constant pace, it also creates a smoother and more precise cut, allowing for greater flexibility in preparations. The MT2 & MT3 electric handpiece allows for faster cutting & maximum handpiece durability by providing steady speed  & high torque with very little noise. Electric handpieces are growing in popularity each year in the USA.
Air-driven handpieces have several disadvantages which are often overlooked by the dentist including - 

  • The distinctive whirring noise and vibrating sensation of the air rotor;
  • The patient discomfort and increased stress level due to the high noise of the air rotor;
  • The reduced speed is due to build-up resistance in the tooth while cutting;
  • Reduced torque level;
  • Interrupted cutting efficiency; and
  • The more aerosol formation makes the clinical environment contaminated.
Electrical handpieces are a preferable option for a soothing and stress-free clinical environment and treatment to the patient by improving patient comfort.
The main advantages of the MT2 & MT3 are as follows - 
1) Constant Speed & Torque;
2) Improved Patient Comfort; and
3) Less Aerosol Formation - very important in todays environment
The MT2 & MT3 delivers - 
* perfect balance of performance and ergonomics;
* Flexible installation and customized positioning - set on top of your dental tray, or attach under your tray. There are many ways to effectively install the small sized electric motor.
* It is particularly small and surprisingly light;
*  consistent high power and torque;
* Four-hole water spray
* long service life and quiet operation - less noise and more comfort for patient;
* LED Technology for optimal visualization;
* low vibration;
* improved trimming and preparation;
* easy to understand LCD screen with all functions visible and easy to change;
* brushless motor;
* forward and reverse rotation;
* 16:1, 1:1 and 1:5 speed ratio available;
Speed Range: 2,000-40,000 rpm
Voltage input: DC 24V
MT2 & MT3 Product Includes:
1:5 Contra-angle with LED
Power Adapter


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