X-Ray Protective Surgical Gloves

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Do you sometimes have to hold the X-ray sensor for some of your patients such as young children, elderly patients, patients with disabilities, or for various other reasons? Do you often find yourself or your staff saying “it should be OK just this one time…"? The evidence is clear, you should absolutely protect your hands from radiation in your dental office in these types of cases.

Sure, radiation is safer now that we've dialed it down and collimators make sure that there's nothing scattering beyond the focused beam, but that doesn't mean that you should not take precautions to limiting exposure to our patients and most importantly to yourself and your staff.

Our X-ray Protective Surgical Gloves (XRP) gloves stop up to 75% of the radiation (with using a conventional 60kv dental X-ray system) and still allow the necessary sense of touch to handle the sensor properly.

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