Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Physics Forceps Dental Extraction Forceps

In general, wisdom teeth removal (Teeth #1, #16, # 17 and #32) is caused by wisdom teeth that are impacted or wisdom teeth that may cause further problems if not extracted. For example, even with wisdom teeth that may have properly grown-in, they still are prone to infections since food particles can be easily trapped in the area around the wisdom tooth where regular brushing and/or flossing may not work well or be effective.

When such an infection occurs, it can cause considerable discomfort for the patient and even pose medical danger if not addressed in a timely manner. Some other reasons why wisdom teeth removal may occur includes, but are not limited to, misalignment which rubs up against the tongue or cheek causing discomfort and/or pain, crowding or malocclusion of other teeth resulting in there not being enough room on the jaw or in the mouth, as well as orthodontics.

The Posterior (Third-Molar) Physics Forceps are a unique type of tooth extraction system that allows for general dentists and oral surgeons to perform wisdom tooth extractions of these wisdom teeth in a simple, predictable and non-surgical manner (note - when such teeth are not impacted).

The Posterior Physics Forceps are an innovative design that provides a simple mechanical advantage by employing first-class lever mechanics (as discussed in "The History of Tooth Extractions "). Utilizing the patented "beak and bumper™" technique, you can simply and predictably extract virtually any tooth in any condition, while preserving the buccal bone and socket. The beak of the Physics Forceps is designed to apply controlled pressure parallel to the long axis of the root. The bumper acts as a simple fulcrum or pivot point. While traditional oral surgery forceps grasp, squeeze and twist, the Physics Forceps employs a slow, steady force that releases the tooth from the alveolar bone.

The unique design of the Physics Forceps allows for light, but constant pressure to be applied to the tooth which leads to chemical changes in the PDL and subsequent release of the Sharpey's fibers. Once the tooth releases, it can be removed simply with a rongeur or even just your fingers.

The Posterior Physics Forceps:
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Physics Forceps – Posterior (3rd Molar) Instrument Set for Wisdom Teeth Removal

GMX Third Molar Upper and Lower Set
Includes GMX-300 UR, GMX-300 UL, GMX-300 LL, GMX-300 LR, Distal Elevator
GMX-300UR - Upper Right - Extracts Teeth 1-3
GMX-300UL - Upper Left - Extracts Teeth 14-16
GMX-300LR – Lower Right - Extracts Teeth 17-19
GMX-300LL - Lower Left - Extracts Teeth 30-32
Distal Elevator

The recommended steps utilizing the Posterior Physics Forceps dental extraction instruments for wisdom teeth removal are as follows:

Animation Video:

Step 1:
Separate the gingival attachment from the wisdom tooth.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Step 2 (Note – For Upper Molars Only):
Use our Distal Elevator (which is included with the set) to separate the distal bone (including the tuberosity) from the wisdom tooth.
Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Step 3:
Use a flame-shaped diamond bur (GMX Flame Shaped Diamond G701 or G702 from Golden Dental Solutions) to drill a trench on the lingual side of the tooth (at the expense of the tooth) just below the gumline to secure a solid purchase point with the beak.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Step 4:
Upper Molars – with the handles of the dental extraction forceps opened wide, place the bumper on the buccal surface at or about the mucogingival junction. Lower Molars – Place the beak first, then the bumper.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Step 5:
Set the beak into the depth of the lingual sulcus as far as possible on solid root surface. A secure purchase point on solid root surface is critical.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Step 6:
Using wrist movement only, apply constant steady pressure towards the buccal. Once you see the wisdom tooth move 1-3mm, you are finished with the Physics Forceps. Now deliver the tooth with traditional dental extraction forceps.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
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