Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Posterior Physics Forceps Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extractions can occur for many reasons including impacted wisdom teeth, misalignment which rubs up against the tongue or cheek causing discomfort and/or pain, crowding or malocclusion of other teeth resulting in there not being enough room on the jaw or in the mouth, as well as for orthodontic reasons to name a few.

According to research from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) performed recently, it has been determined that third molars (i.e., wisdom teeth) removed during a patients young adulthood will not only improves dental and oral health, but may also reduce the chances of certain illnesses later in the patient's life. Hence, it is important that patients understand the importance of wisdom tooth extractions and not wait until they simply have discomfort or an issue with their wisdom teeth requiring tooth extraction.

As supported by the AAOMS, wisdom teeth, due to their positioning in the mouth (posterior region) they are prone to food particles not being properly cleaned from the tooth which can lead to harmful bacteria that can lead to serious complications later in a patient's life. According to the study's findings, the health implications associated with wisdom teeth are far greater and wide ranging that previous understood to be the case.

Some of the additional findings of the AAOMS research study include:
  • The absence of symptoms does not necessarily equal the absence of disease.
  • Over 80% of adults that are younger who retained previously healthy wisdom teeth had developed problems within seven years.
  • Tooth extractions of wisdom teeth in young adults produce less pain and shorter healing times than in older patients.
  • Monitoring retained wisdoms could be more expensive than tooth extraction over a lifetime.
  • 60% of patients with asymptomatic wisdom teeth prefer tooth extraction to retention.
  • Retaining third molars can increase the risk for broader conditions, including preterm birth and cardiovascular disease.
With the Physics Forceps Posterior Set of dental extraction forceps dentists can perform atraumatic extractions of wisdom teeth where the patient should have no pain and be surprised the procedure is over in a matter of minutes. Even with extensive research published over the past ten years about periodontal disease and other complications resulting from retained third molars, many dentists still do not recommend this service to their patients. Is this because dentists to not feel comfortable performing wisdom teeth removal? If so, the Physics Forceps may change this view.

Lower Instruments for wisdom tooth extraction
Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Upper Instruments
Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The Posterior Series Set includes the following instruments:

GMX 300UR - Upper Right
GMX 300UL - Upper Left
GMX 300LR - Lower Right
GMX 300LL - Lower Left
GMX DE - Distal Elevator

In addition to these dental extraction forceps, the set includes 48 bumper guards and an instructional DVD.

Please note that unlike the Standard Series Set where one bumper guard fits all the instruments, the Upper and Lower bumper guards are different size.

Depiction of the Posterior Series bumper guards and its packaging. Please note that such bumper guards are disposable.

Wisdom Teeth ExtractionWisdom Teeth Extraction

Louis Rafetto, DMD (chair of the AAOMS Task Force on Third Molar Data), noted that "[e]ven if wisdom teeth aren't causing any immediate problems, it's likely that people will face complications down the road," The fact is, tooth extraction is much easier in young adults, and research consistently shows that it is a simple way of improving both dental and overall health."

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at www.physicsforceps.com and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

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