FenderWedge Small - Orange - Qty 36pcs

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FenderWedge® Small - Orange - Qty 36pcs

Also, available in the following sizes:

FenderWedge® Medium- Green - Qty 36pcs
FenderWedge® Large - Yellow- Qty 36pcs
FenderWedge® X-Small - Purple - Qty 36pcs


Fender Wedge Intro Kit Technique

A FenderWedge® protects the adjacent tooth and gingiva during preparations. Damage to adjacent teeth is a common problem from the bur during Class II preparations. Research shows that 70% of adjacent teeth According to studies it was found that 70% of adjacent teeth suffer damage during class II preparations when a FenderWedge® is not used. A FenderWedge® contains a steel plate attached to a plastic wedge. It facilitates easy application of a matrix and perfect for the pre-wedging phase of your restoration procedure. FenderWedges® are available in four sizes, x-small, small, medium and large in refill 36 pcs packs, as well as in an Intro Kit containing a quantity of 144 pcs.

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