Woodpecker PT-B Dental Scaler & Air Polisher Combo

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The Woodpecker PT-B model combines air polishing and scaling into one smart system with an easy to understand and adjust touch screen display. The PTA is your complete prophylaxis solution. Air polishing uses compressed air to spray powder and water on the tooth surface to remove surface adhesives such as plaque. It is comfortable for the patient, powerful and does not scratch the tooth surface.

The all new PT-B scaler and air polisher combo includes many upgrades including 1) auto-preheating of the water and 2) a wireless bluetooth foot pedal.

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What is Dental Biofilm Removal?

As you are aware, the main factor for dental caries, periodontal and peri-implant infections relates to dental biofilm.

Are you already doing the necessary steps to remove biofilm? Maybe……but it could be done more effectively by adding controlled air polishing to your process.

An important step in properly removing dental biofilm is to utilize a proper air polishing and ultrasonic scaling solution such as the Woodpecker PTB. The Woodpecker PTB delivers air polishing and scaling in one smart, affordable and effective device.

The process of biofilm removal is a sequential removal of plaque and calculus by initially detecting it with a disclosing agent followed by the use of an air abrasive powder/polisher for the removal of plaque and stains. Following the air polishing step, the subgingival plaque and calculus are removed with a specialized nozzle and, if required, ultrasonic scaling with a specialized tip is performed based on the clinical application.

Adding air polishing to your hygiene routine will allow you to remove biofilm, stains and early calculus prior to utilizing an ultrasonic scaler. Air polishing will allow the practitioner to remove biofilm supra and subgingivally, as well as enamel stains, with the provided Woodpecker powder - or another powder brand of your choice (see acceptable powder types/μm below). Biofilm will also be removed effectively from surrounding soft tissue during the air polishing process. Studies have proven air polishing is vastly superior to conventional biofilm removal with hand instruments.

After the utilizing the Woodpecker Air Polishing handpiece from the PTB model, any remaining calculus can be removed with the ultrasonic scaler handpiece. The Woodpecker PTB combines air polishing and scaling into one smart and effective device.

The PTB model is your professional prophylaxis solution for biofilm management for your hygiene team for general dentistry, implant maintenance, orthodontic appliances + more! Deliver better patient care and work more efficiently by saving time - adding more hygiene patients in your schedule. Our number one feedback on the Woodpecker PTB product is how much time is saved by hygienists compared to their prior hygiene process.

Air Polishing

Realize both supra and sub gingival scaling
12 levels of water volume and power to select from for precise treatment
4 temperature settings for added comfort - 25C, 30C, 35C and 40C.

Ultrasonic Scaling

Three modules: G, P and E
Four Functions: Perio treatment, cavity preparation, endodontic treatment and implant maintenance

The Woodpecker PT-B is a Five-in-One Device Delivers Patient Comfort & Convenience

Air Polishing
Periodontal Treatment
Endodontic Treatment
Restoration Preparation
Implant Maintenance

The PT-B includes the following items with the initial kit.

x1 Main PT-B Unit
x1 Power Cord
x1 Wireless Foot Pedal
x2 Ultrasonic Handpiece
x2 P33 Tip
x2 P50L Tip
x2 P50R Tip
x2 P56 Tip
x2 P59 Tip
x1 P94 Tip
x1 E95 Tip
x2 E60 Tip
x2 Torque Wrench
x2 Air Polishing Handpiece
x2 Powder Tank
x1 Water Bottle 600ml
x1 Water Bottle 1,400ml
x2 Sterilization Box Perio
x1 Sterilization Box Air Polishing
x1 Braided Tube
x2 Needle
x1 Air Filter Cartridge
x1 O-Ring Kit
x2 Rubber Sealing Element
x2 Endo Wrench
x2 LED Light
x10 Nozzle
x1 Nozzle Wrench
x1 Union Tee
x1 Male Connector
x1 Female Connector
x1 Quick Coupler
x4 PU Tube
x1 Instruction Manual
x1 Tip Book
x1 Packing List
x1 Certification Document
x2 Prophylaxis Powder

Click here to view Main Differences Between Woodpecker PT-B and PT-A Scaler & Air Polisher Combo Models

Click here to view PT-B Dental Scaler and Air Polisher Instruction Manual

PTB Maintenance Overview

multifuctinal wireless foot padel

three section for unclogging and cleaning

one of kind power tank

Dual water supply System

Supragingival handpiece

Subgingival handpiece

Fully Transparent Body

What powders can be used in the PT-A and PT-B models?

Sodium Bicarbonate (< 65um)

Glycine (< 65um)

Erythritol( < 65um)

To order Woodpecker brand powders please click here.

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