Wedge and Reflector Combo Kit

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Designed and clinically tested by Dr. Ara Nazarian, the Reflector allows for easy retraction of larger areas of soft tissue for various procedures including an exposure of a surgical site for bone leveling, grafting and dental implant placement, plus more! The elevator style handle of the Reflector allows the practitioner full control when reflecting the mucoperiosteum away from the bone in just a few simple rotations.

The “Wedge" is a universal instrument used to atraumatically extract teeth efficiently and effectively without the need for a variety of different instruments. The Wedge is a perfect pre-step to your atraumatic extraction process to start to sever the PDL. The blue coating enhances strength and sharpness, and comes with our GoldenDent no bend, no break guarantee.

The thin tip of the Wedge instrument is designed so it can be pushed apically easily between the remaining tooth root and the bone using a slight rotating movement, which compresses the bone and allows the instrument to slide farther apically. The Wedge should be used slowly and gently, pushing apically, and “wedging" between the rigid, hard tooth surface and the bone.

Implementing the Wedge in this manner can preserve the thin facial and lingual bone, maintaining the walls of the socket for simplified grafting and potential implant placement.

“In my dental implant practice, an atraumatic extraction is very important to preserve bone. I find that using the Wedge instrument in advance ensures that the surrounding bone and soft tissue is ideal for implant placement and makes the extraction more predictable. This is a must have in my extraction protocol." Dr. Ara Nazarian

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