Specialty Needle Holders

Needle Holder

Grasp any needle without splaying, breakage or loosening. Carbide jaws retain their shape and ability to hold at the tip long after other brands fail. No joint to snag sutures, more durable and lighter than titanium.

Needle Holder & Suture Cutter Combo

Drive needles, tie knots and cut sutures with one instrument. These instruments reduce your overall procedure time and minimize the required instruments for the procedure.
Specialty Needle Holders

Why are the GoldenDent Flex Series Needle Holders Special? All conventional needle holders will expand over time preventing the instrument from effectively holding a suture. The GoldenDent Flex Series needle holders are designed to withstand significant expansion and pressure without losing its designed shape and function. The metal will always return to its shape to function as if the instrument were brand new.

During our product demonstrations we show you how the needle holder can effectively hold two quarters and immediately return to its designed shape and effectively hold a suture. Any other conventional needle holder would be destroyed by this demonstration and loose its ability to hold a suture.

The GoldenDent Flex Series needle holders are designed with no joints or hinges to prevent the frustration of having the suture from being snagged or caught on the instrument.

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