Physics Forceps Separators Root Tip Kit

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Golden Dental Solutions Separators™ are uniquely designed instrumentation to assist in the atraumatic extraction process. The Separators are easier and faster to use than traditional instrumentation and provide all that you need to prepare for an atraumatic extraction of a tooth or root tip. The Separators design and packaging is based on extensive clinical evaluations by key opinion leaders resulting in a convenient and streamlined set of just five (5) Separators.


GOSS4 - Separator #4 Blue Titanium Root Tip Right
GOSS5 - Separator #5 Blue Titanium Root Tip Left

Separators #4 and #5

The uniquely designed Separator™ Root Tip Kit set allows practitioners to separate root tips from the socket in an efficient manner and delicate manner in difficult-to-reach areas. The set of two (2) instruments allows for right and left facing root engagement as opposing offsets of each other as needed by the practitioner.

Indications for Use: Any root tips in the upper or lower arch too subgingivally to be engaged by Beak of Physics Forceps, or extraction instrument of choice.

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