Separator #3: Blue Titanium Curved

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Golden Dental Solutions Separators™ are uniquely designed instrumentation to assist in the atraumatic extraction process. The Separators are easier and faster to use than traditional instrumentation and provide all that you need to prepare for an atraumatic extraction of a tooth or root tip. The Separators design and packaging is based on extensive clinical evaluations by key opinion leaders resulting in a convenient and streamlined set of just five (5) Separators.

Separator #3 - Curved
This instrument is designed with a curved shaped tip to be used on lingual surfaces. The Curved Separator™ #3 can be advanced easily into the tightest of periodontal spaces to sever the fibers and start the atraumatic extraction process. It severs the ligaments efficiently and expands the alveolus laterally making space or a purchase point for the Beak of the Physics Forceps, or other extraction instrumentation of choice.

Indications for Use: Lingually in the upper and lower arch, with better access to posterior teeth.

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