Luxator® 5mm Straight (tan)

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Luxator® Periotome

The Luxator® acts as a periodontal ligament knife as a perfect pre-step to your extraction procedure to preserve bone integrity and the surrounding soft tissue. A perfect instrument for an atraumatic extraction in preparation for dental implants. Perfect combination of instruments to use with the Physics Forceps or other conventional extraction forceps. The Luxator® Periotomes have fine tapering blades that are designed to efficiently and simply to compress the alveolar bone and cut the periodontal ligaments.

The individual Luxators, accessories and Luxator® Intro Kit are available from GoldenDent as follows

GL1 - Luxator® 3mm Straight (gray)
GL2 - Luxator® 3mm Curved (black)
GL3 - Luxator® 5mm Straight (tan)
GL4 - Luxator® 5mm Curved (brown)
GL5 - Luxator® 2mm Straight (green)
GL6 - Luxator® 3mm Contra Angle (blue)
GL7 - Luxator® 3mm Inverted Curved (light blue)
GLIK - Luxator® Intro Kit - 7 Luxators & Sharpening Stone
GLS - Luxator® Sharpening Stone

Each instrument comes with an autoclavable fixus case to hold the Luxators.

The shape and size of the handle is designed to minimize the force needed during the extraction. The thin blade can be easily inserted between the bone and the root with minimal destruction. Manufactured with Swedish stainless steel, these instruments are extremely durable, retaining their strength and sharpness after repeated used and sterilization. With their acclaimed ergonomic handle Luxator Instruments are discernibly different and recognized worldwide as one of the best surgical instruments on the dental market.


Luxator, size and shape - when to use?

It is always a matter of personal choice and experience. Below you can find a few examples of use.

Contra - Good access from the lingual and/or distal side. (GL6)
Inverted - About the same but less. General, Lingual and/or Distal (GL7)
Curved - General use or starter. Good from the buccal side (GL2, GL4 and GL7)
Straight - Apical and/or interproximal (GL1, GL3 and GL5)

For sharpening the Luxators.

A special sharpening stone is available and comes with the Luxator® Intro Kit. To sharpen a periotome, place the concave surface of the tip of the blade on the sharpening stone and stroke away. Lift the blade after each stroke and repeat until the blad is sharp. Always lubricate the with sharpening oil or water to avoid clogging of the surface with debris. To obtain optimal result, sharpen the instrument on a regular basis after thorough cleaning, before sterilization.

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