GMX 23 - Cowhorn Divergent Lower Molars

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GMX 23 cowhorn forcep is used to extract 1st, 2nd  and 3rd (if accessible) lower molars with divergent roots.  Dr. Richard Golden finds that the GMX 23 Cowhorn is also a great extraction instrument to have in your armamentaria for lower molars. There are certain instances where the cowhorn can be a very effective instrument.  When the tooth has less than a 20 degree angle of mesial drift (natural tendency of teeth to drift towards the front); the furcation (base of the root trunk of a tooth where two or more roots meet) is less than 2mm below the gumline allowing the beaks to be placed; and the tooth crown is not fractured or greatly decayed the cowhorn can be used.  Based on Dr. Golden’s clinical studies of various cowhorns for a number of years it was determined that this instrument could be further improved.  The beaks of the GMX 23 have been modified to allow the beaks better access or ability to be placed with divergent roots at the furcation point.  Specifically, the beaks are longer and are more curved to prevent the beak from touching/cracking the crown.  Additionally, the handles have been designed in a manner that allows for practical placement in your hands.

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