Golden-Taper Pre-Sterile Rotary Endo Files

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GOLDenTaper are comparable to ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold® files and technique.

* Optimal Flexibility - Heat-treated NiTi delivers amazing flexibility.
* No Bounce Back - to preserve apical anatomy
* Unmatched Strength & Quality

The GOLDenTaper files are available in 21mm, 25mm, 31mm lengths and are to be used in the same manner and technique as ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold®. This very popular technique will make your switch the our GOLDen-Taper files easy and seamless.

Progressively tapered design of the files, which delivers significantly improved cutting efficiency and safety. The GOLDenTaper convex triangular cross-section enhances the cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the GOLDenTaper file and dentin.

Pre-sterilization of our GoldenTaper rotary files minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, eliminates the time and cost of cleaning endo files. GoldenTaper files are a pre-sterilized endodontic solution. Single-use endo files ensure the most effective and predictable procedure possible—from the beginning to the end. There is no threat of cross-contamination, no cutting surface deterioration from previous use, and no cleaning, or heating of the files.

Get the same great results for less cost. Compare today and switch. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Golden-Taper Rotary Endo Files, GoldenDent Michigan


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