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Luxator RootPicker

The perfect instrument to grasp debris in the socket site during an extraction.

During an extraction it is possible that tooth fragments or loose root tips may remain attached to the periodontal ligament which require removal. These fragments, or root tips, can be very small in size and difficult to grasp as they are slippery with conventional forceps or tweezers.

The Luxator RootPicker (in angled or short tips) is a short and rigid instrument that is easy to insert into the alveolus to grasp these smaller fragments.

RootPicker also provides excellent grip for the various components used in surgery such as healing abutments, parallelism indicators, screwdrivers and posts for immediate prosthesis.

The Luxator Root Pickers straight and angled design make them ideal for use in the anterior area as well as in the posterior maxillary and mandibular areas.


Luxator RootPicker Technology

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