OsteoGen Plug - Bone Graft for Socket Preservation

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Physics Forceps - Golden Dental Solutions - Top Products Impladent OsteoGen Plugs are NOT collagen plugs that only act as wound dressing. The OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug combines OsteoGen Bioactive Resorbable Calcium Apatite Synthetic Graft with a bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix to create a structure that mimics the organic and inorganic components of physiologic bone.

Impladent OsteoGen Plug - Bone Graft for Socket Preservation

Available Sizes are as follows:

Large Size (10 x 20mm) - Most Popular
Slim Size (6 x 25mm)
X-Large Size (15 x 20mm)

  • The OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug is the easiest and most affordable way to clinically deliver bone graft.
  • Ideal indication is following an atraumatic extraction when all walls are preserved.
  • No membrane required - Simply place into socket dry and suture in place.
  • Clinically proven to predictably grow ideal bone in preparation for dental implants.
  • Simple alternative to your typical allograft and membrane graft to repair a defect, where no risk of membrane dislodgement or particulate wash out.

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