Date: May 7, 2019 - 8pm ET

Speakers: Dr. Ara Nazarian & Dr. Lorne Lavine

Title: An Efficient Approach to Full-Mouth Extractions in One Appointment

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In today's economy, we are finding more and more patients presenting with severe dental problems ranging from multiple tooth decay to advanced generalized periodontitis, because they have put off dental treatment either due to fear of discomfort, or fear of the cost. The major reason for finally presenting to the office is because they just can't withstand the pain anymore or the infection has gotten so bad that it will affect their overall health. For the practitioner, it is very difficult to treatment plan when there are so many dental issues to address while trying to stay within the patient's dental awareness, time frame, and budget. We must be prepared for , and comfortable with, these cases in our own practice.

Practicing in Metro Detroit, I have personally found many of these patients need full-mouth extractions because their teeth have been affected by extensive caries and periodontal disease to the extent that no other treatment is possible. Before full-mouth extractions are implemented into a patient's treatment plan, a definitive plan must be examined and reviewed to offer the patient several options of oral rehabilitation.

On this webinar we only have an hour, but I will provide an overview through hundreds of step-by-step clinical still photos how to predictably approach full mouth reconstruction with atraumatic extractions, bone leveling, grafting and delivery of immediate implants and/or dentures.

Please join us! Dr. Ara Nazarian
  • Learn atraumatic and efficient extraction techniques that preserve bone and shorten surgery time in preparation for an immediate denture;
  • How to achieve predictable grafting results including an overview of what materials to use, when and why - including the importance of membranes;
  • Learn the proper armamentarium for leveling bone and grafting predictably in preparation for an immediate implant and/or denture;
  • Learn suturing techniques that achieve consistent primary closure, including proper suturing when placing a membrane; and
  • Learn proven business and marketing tips on how to make your office more profitable and efficient related to these larger complex cases. Learn what I have proven to be successful.
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