The Immediate Implant & How to Make it Work

Date: December 8, 2020 8pm ET

Speaker: Dr. Tim Kosinski


Before implant dentistry, it did not matter how much bone remained after an extraction. I recall times in dental school when our professors removed vast amounts of buccal bone in the name of efficiency. Those days are gone and clearly a thing of the past. The goal now is to maintain as much bone as possible with minimal trauma to surrounding soft tissue to allow for an immediate dental implant in certain cases. Anyone can remove a tooth, but to atraumatically remove the tooth on a predictable basis is a learned skill.

It you cannot atraumatically extract a tooth, you absolutely are not going to be provided with the opportunity to immediately place an implant for your patient. Step 1 is to get comfortable with predictably removing teeth without bone damage. Once the tooth is removed, you need to understand the basics of bone grafting. Without proper flap design, graft material, membrane placement and suturing you may not have success immediately placing an implant for your patients, or achieve the desired aesthetics your patients deserve. Let me explain bone grafting basics and what all dentists need to understand in relation to dental implants.

With modern technology, implant designs, graft materials and extraction techniques it is often more efficient and predictable to place an immediate implant for your patients.

Let me show you through hundreds of step-by-step photos the techniques I have successfully implemented into my practice, and proven to work, to achieve predictable atraumatic extraction, grafting and immediate placement for my patients.