Title - Predictable Flap & Suture Design for GP

Date - February 4, 2020 8pm ET

Speaker - Dr. Tim Kosinski

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When your treatment plan is an extraction and graft in preparation for a dental implant, denture, bridge, etc. it involves the creation of a wound and proper closure of this wound through suturing and flap design is necessary to promote optimal healing. Suturing the surgical site positions and secures the designed flap to promote healing. It also properly holds the membrane, if necessary. A proper flap design and suture technique should hold the edges of a flap in position until the site has healed sufficiently and can withstand normal functional stresses and resist reopening of the wound.

It is important for all general dentists to be knowledgeable about predictable flap design and management of soft tissue, including the various types of suturing materials that are available for optimal wound closure.

I will show all new clinical cases related to extraction, flap design, grafting and suturing that I have proven to be predictable.

Learn from Dr. Kosinski:

  • Predictable flap design and soft tissue considerations;
  • Predictable suturing techniques that will deliver predictable healing if the protocol is followed;
  • Proper flap design for ideal esthetics and healing;
  • Extraction and grafting techniques that clinically work;
  • An overview of grafting materials and when to use what - including membranes; and
  • PLUS++ many more clinical tips in preparation for dental implants that Dr. Kosinski has proven effective in his practice.