Date: October 23, 2018 - 8pm ET

Speakers: Dr. Tim Kosinski & Dr. Lorne Lavine (moderator)

Title: Predictable Grafting for Any Experience Level & Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction

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You do not want to miss this FREE 1 Hour Clinical Webinar that also provides you one (1) FREE CE Credit.

On this webinar by Dr. Tim Kosinski you will learn through hundreds of step-by-step clinical still photos how to achieve predictable atraumatic extractions and grafting in preparation for dental implants - including a grafting technique that is so simple, cost effective and predictable that everyone should be offering their patients. You must learn this procedure!

Learn from Dr. Kosinski

  • the fastest, easiest and most efficient bone graft material on the market that can be implemented immediately by any practitioner regardless of grafting experience;

  • grafting techniques that have a low cost per use that will lead to greater patient acceptance of grafting fees no matter your patient demographic or location;

  • why grafting is important and the various options available today to achieve predictable results in preparation for dental implants, including-

  • an overview of allografts and various types to achieve better results; a simple plug type graft that can be used in certain cases; and

  • different types of membranes, why membranes are critical to use and clinical tips on how to achieve more predictable results.

  • PLUS+ many other clinical extraction & grafting tips (e.g., suturing, flap design, how to keep membrane in place) to achieve more predictable results in preparation for dental implants.