Date: March 5, 2019 - 8pm ET

Speakers: Dr. Ara Nazarian & Dr. Lorne Lavine

Title: Back to the Basics: Making Class II Composite Restorations Stronger with Zirconia

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You do not want to miss this FREE 1 Hour Clinical Webinar Packed with Clinical Tips that also provides you one (1) FREE CE Credit.

On this webinar by Dr. Ara Nazarian you will learn through step-by-step clinical still photos how to achieve stronger and more predictable Class II restorations using zirconium infused composite that has strength to last and is economically smart to your bottom line.

Are you not using a sectional matrix system now? Perfect, learn a very affordable and simple system to get started. Frustrated with worn out metal rings, or rings that are being disposed of accidentally? Perfect, learn a system that allows for you to use a new ring each and every patient. Not getting the best contacts or clinical results? Perfect, learn a system that will deliver perfect contacts each and every time guaranteed.

Learn from Dr. Ara Nazarian
  • a posterior composite that is zirconium infused that provides for low wear, increased strength, low shrinkage and high radiopacity;
  • a cost effective and smart system for Class II restorations, that allows you to use a new ring each and every restoration providing guaranteed perfect separation + other benefits;
  • clinical tips on how to ensure your posterior restorations deliver tight contacts;
  • an effective and efficient method of heating our composite compules in gun and warmer combined into one product; and
  • ++ PLUS much more, related to posterior composites to make your restorations even better.