Date: November 12, 2019 - 8pm ET

Speakers: Dr. Ara Nazarian (speaker) & Dr. Lorne Lavine (moderator)

Title: Implementing Extractions, Grafting & Implants into you General Practice! Shared Secrets & Techniques to Maximize Treatment Outcome.

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Do you find that your practice is slower than you would like? Are you referring more patients from your practice for extractions and grafting than you prefer? Are you just not comfortable with extractions and/or grafting due to unpredictable results or bad past experiences? Are you comfortable with the procedures, but your patients are not accepting the recommended treatment plans?

As you look around for growth opportunities such as short-term ortho, sleep apnea, whitening systems, etc. you must not forget about “bread and butter” dentistry, which includes extractions and grafting. Extractions are the building block to many other profitable and rewarding procedures such as grafting and dental implants. If you are not extracting the tooth, you absolutely are not doing the grafting, and very likely will lose the opportunity for a dental implant even if you have the training.

I am a strong believer that my fellow GP’s should obtain the skills to offer comprehensive dentistry to your patients - including dental implants. Your patients are comfortable with you and want you to do the procedures.

On this webinar I will provide a high-level overview of my proven road map on how you can implement predictable atraumatic extractions, grafting and dental implants into your general practice with the proper training. I will also discuss my secrets on how to maximize case acceptance and discuss comprehensive dentistry with your patients that works.

I hope you can join me November 12 at 8pm ET for my free webinar.

Dr. Ara Nazarian

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