HVE Suction Dental Mirror Intro Kit (M7)

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      A Smart 2-in-1 HVE Mirror For Hygienists.

      Reduce Aerosols, Improve Visibility & Simply Work More Efficiently in Your Dental Office with GoldenDent's M7 HVE Dental Mirrors.

      Product Highlights

      * Quick Connect HVE Tubing & Connectors - Set Up with Ease

      * Unparalleled Working Visibility & Isolation Without Distraction

      * Ultra High Definition Front Surface Alloy Coated Lens (R98%)

      * Autoclavable Medical-Grade Plastic for Optimal Hygiene

      * 360 Degree Smart Swivel Allows for Ease of Use and Minimal Drag

      * 20 Suction Holes on the Mirror Head

      Click Below to Watch How Our HVE Mirrors Compare to Conventional Mirrors for Aerosol Reduction

      Click Below to Watch How to Easily Connect the HVE Suction Mirrors to Your HVE System

      Product Includes:

      Qty 5 HVE Mirrors & Handles, HVE Adapter & Tubing

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