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Bone Shaping Burs

Round (ball) and oval shaped carbide burs designed to effectively and predictably level and shape bone at the ideal width, shape and size in preparation for dental implants and dentures. Long shank design allows for proper and easy connection to straight nose cone hand piece. Please see the fairly priced straight nose cone from GoldenDent if you do not have one already available - https://www.physicsforceps.com/goldendent-burs?product_id=258

Bur Type: Carbide Cutter

Uses Per Bur: ~ 40-50

Handpiece / Motor Type: Straight Nose Cone, Surgical Slow Speed, 30,000 RPM recommended for round shape and 25,000 RPM for oval shape

* See GoldenDent part #GO BHP if you need a Straight Nose Cone

Part GBSB - Roughness M, Round
Part GBSO - Roughness SC, Oval

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