GoldenForce Series - Upper Anterior Forceps

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The GoldenForce atraumatic extraction instruments from GoldenDent are the latest edition to our atraumatic extraction armamentarium. As with all GoldenDent extraction instruments, such as the Physics Forceps, we only manufacture instruments that are made of the best raw materials and finishing processes available to ensure the highest quality and strength. The GoldenForce instruments are finished in a beautiful gun metal color and are titanium coated to produce forceps that are non-reflective, strong/hard, scratch-resistant and corrosion resistant. The uniquely designed serrated beaks provide an unparalleled grip. The handle design reduces the weight of the forceps by up to 25% for improved handling and tactile feel. All GoldenForce extraction instruments are backed by our lifetime warranty.


The GoldenForce Series of instrumentation is available in the following:

GF UUM - GoldenForce Series - Universal Upper Molar Forceps

GF UUF - GoldenForce Series - Universal Upper Forceps (150)

GF UAF  - GoldenForce Series - Upper Anterior Forceps

GF URT - GoldenForce Series - Upper Root Tip Forceps

GF LRT - GoldenForce Series - Lower Root Tip Forceps

GF LAF - GoldenForce Series - Lower Anterior Forceps (Ash)

GF LMF -  GoldenForce Series - Lower Molar Forceps

GF UMF - GoldenForce Series - Universal Molar Forceps (151)

GF IKF -  GoldenForce Series - Intro Kit (8 Extraction Forceps)

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