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The Smart A Brushless Endo Motor from Woodpecker is the latest in intelligent endo. The Smart App Controls allow you to effortlessness connect the Endo Motor to your preferred device (tablet, phone, watch, etc.) via Bluetooth to control, program and store data from from your endodontic procedures. There are no control buttons on the Smart A Endo Motor and it is controlled solely through the app and a third-party device of your choice.
The Smart A Endo Motor is compact, sleek and only 17mm in diameter to hold. The contra angle head diameter was reduced by 12.5% and the head weight was reduced by 18%.
The App has customized treatment plans where you can select pre-programmed file types (including reciprocating function) or you can easily add your own file type and preferences to save for future use. The App also allows you to store patient data about the treatment in the cloud for future reference and to get patient report (e.g., files used, file usage time, treatment performed, etc.).
The Smart A Endo Motor and its App also allow for voice control through VIVI to control your Endo Motor by voice controls with command "hi vivi". This allows you to control the Endo Motor hands-free! You can adjust the speed, direction, torque, file type, etc. by your voice.
The Smart A Endo Motor has two new features called the BB and LB modes which are explained as follows - 
BB Mode (Block Bypass)
Problem: Sometimes there is dentin debris or pulp residue blocking the apex.
Solution: The BB mode allows the file to move continuously at an angle of 90 degrees with 1 second interval between each movement. This rotation with up and down motion can bypass the block.
LB Mode (Ledge Bypass)
Problem: There are many reason for ledge formation and ledge bypassing is needed to locate the original root canal.
Solution: The LB mode allows the file to reciprocate with a gradual angle change and reciprocates with a cycle of set angle at -2, -1, 0 and +1 degrees.
The Smart A Endo Motor from Woodpecker has a built-in apex locator with no need for a silicone sleeve.
There is also a wireless foot pedal for easy controls.
The Smart A Endo Motor is very quite and was compared to many other brushless endo motors in terms of noise production. The Smart A was proven to more quite than other brushless motors.

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» Smart A Instruction Manual


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