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Twist Separators

The Twist Separators unique design allows for improved vertical movement of the root, or tooth, to elevate it from the socket over conventional elevators. The serrated sharp edges easily engage the tooth and allow for deeper sub gingival access. The blue coating enhances strength and sharpness, and comes with our GoldenDent no bend, no break guarantee

Instructions for Use:

1) Once local anesthesia has been delivered, place the tip of the selected Twist Separator into the sulcus adjacent to the tooth/root to be extracted. The straight tips (GO SS8 and GO SS9) are used for the anterior region and the angled tips (GO SS10 and GOSS11) are used for posterior region. The right or left instrument is selected based on the specific case and  the practitioners ability to access the tooth/root - often times both the right and left instruments can be used in conjunction with each other.
2) After the tip has engaged into the sulcus, start to apply a slow and steady apical pressure where the serrated sharp tip of the instrument will start to “twist” in a counter-clockwise or clockwise movement around the root engaging the root as it twists. The serrated sharp edges allow the tip to easily engage the root and to achieve deeper sub gingival access.
3) As you continue to twist around the tooth/root and the PDL is severed, start to slowly lift or elevate the tooth/root from the socket preserving the surrounding tissue and bone.
The blue coating enhances strength and sharpness of the instrument for a long useful life.
Twist Separator Instructions

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