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Golden Dental Solutions (formerly known as GoldenMisch) sells the Physics Forceps dental extraction forceps for performing atraumatic extractions. Not only does Golden Dental Solutions sell these dental extraction forceps, we are also the inventors and manufacturers of these revolutionary instruments.

In this article, we want to discuss our bumper guards, discuss briefly how they are made, how they are packaged and to answer the common question we get as to whether they are disposable or whether they can be re-used (autoclave).

The bumper guards for our dental extraction forceps are disposable. We do not recommend putting them in an autoclave or trying to clean them for use on multiple patients. The bumper guards are FDA approved Plastisol that are made with non-latex materials.

For the Standard Series dental extraction forceps, the bumper guards are green and look like the following:

Dental Supply

For the Posterior Series dental extraction forceps, the bumper guards are white and look like the following:

Dental Supply Dental Supply

Please note the Uppers and the Lowers dental extraction forceps have different bumper guards. The Uppers are thinner and the Lowers are thicker to allow for easy fitting/placement on the patient. The standard series dental extraction forceps that use the green bumpers are universal for all of the instruments.

For the Pedodontic Series dental extraction forceps, the bumper guards are blue and look like the following:

Dental Supply

All of the bumper guards for the Physics Forceps are packaged in blisterpack easy to use packaging (like a pack of bubble gum) and come in a box of 24 bumpers, 48 bumpers or 96 bumpers for $16.95, $29.95 and $49.95 respectively. With a purchase of our instruments you receive a package of 48 bumpers included in the price of the order.

Physics Forceps: Standard Series Set (Dental Extraction Forceps)

Dental Supply

The Standard Series Set includes the following instruments:

GMX 100R - Upper Right, teeth # 2 to 5
GMX 100L - Upper Left, Teeth # 12 to 15
GMX 100A - Upper Anterior, teeth # 6 to 11
GMX 200U - Universal Lower, teeth # 18 to 31

In addition to these dental extraction forceps, the set of Physics Forceps includes 48 bumper guards and an instructional DVD.

For pricing please visit the "Purchase Now" tab on our website. We now offer 6-month payments plans, with as little as $250 down and the remaining balance over 6 months. And of course, do not forget about our 90-day money back guarantee policy. You can't lose!

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

Golden Dental Solutions (formerly known as GoldenMisch).

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