Dental Practice Management: Members of Hu-Friedy Thought Leadership Embrace Physics Forceps

Dr. Paul Feuerstein actively works with Hu-Friedy and is part of their Thought Leadership program.

The Thought Leadership names are recognizable in the dental community and their work is well renowned in the dental industry. One of these thought leaders is Paul Feuerstein DMD. Dr. Feuerstein had this to say about our Physics Forceps dental extraction forceps..

"In over 30 years of dental practice, I have stayed away from tooth extractions and referred almost all of them to an oral surgeon. Part was inexperience and part was not wanting to be the one traumatizing my patients. The Physics Forceps have allowed me to take out many teeth without physical or mental trauma for the patients and me [atraumatic extractions], once I embraced the concept and technique. I rarely endorse specific products but this has been a practice changer and in fact, has added to my dental repertoire and to my bottom line."

Hu-Friedy is honored to be in close association with Dr. Paul Feuerstein, as are we to have him evaluate our Physics Forceps dental instruments so fondly. The members of the Though Leadership program impact the way Hu-Friedy shapes, designs and produces some of its groundbreaking products and innovations in the dental industry.

Gordon Christensen, also a member of the Hu-Friedy Thought Leadership, evaluated the Physics Forceps in his Clinicians Report in 2009 and gave them good remarks.

Other dental industry leaders that utilize our dental extraction forceps for atraumatic extractions include, but are not limited to, Dr. Louis Malcmacher, Dr. Ara Nazarian, Dr. Sonia Leziy, Dr. Stephen Buchanan, Dr. Robert Fazio, Dr. Tony Feck, Ms. Sally McKenzie, Dr. Thomas McGarry, Dr. Mauro Fradeani, Dr. Lorin Berland, Dr. Lorne Levine, Dr. Arthur "Kit" Weathers and Dr. Ryan Swain.

The photos outlined below were received from Dr. Richard Winter.

Richard Winter D.D.S. M.A.G.D. D.I.C.O.I.
Master Academy of General Dentistry
Diplomat International Congress of Oral Implantologists
Fellowships: International College of Dentists, Academy of Dentistry International

As always, we appreciate doctors actively using our dental extraction forceps in their practices to share with us their photos and good experiences.
Dental Practice Management
Physics Forceps Dental Extraction Forceps: Tooth to be extracted by Richard Winter D.D.S. M.A.G.D. D.I.C.O.I.
Dental Practice Management
Physics Forceps Dental Extraction Forceps: Tooth Extraction Richard Winter D.D.S. M.A.G.D. D.I.C.O.I.
Dental Practice Management
Physics Forceps Dental Extraction Forceps: Tooth Extraction by Richard Winter D.D.S. M.A.G.D. D.I.C.O.I.

Physics Forceps: Standard Series Set (Dental Extraction Forceps)

Dental Practice Management

The Standard Series Set includes the following instruments:

GMX 100R - Upper Right, teeth # 2 to 5
GMX 100L - Upper Left, Teeth # 12 to 15
GMX 100A - Upper Anterior, teeth # 6 to 11
GMX 200U - Universal Lower, teeth # 18 to 31

In addition to these instruments, the set includes 48 bumper guards and an instructional DVD.

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at www.physicsforceps.com and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

Golden Dental Solutions (formerly known as GoldenMisch).

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