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The Ai-Surgery Bone Piezo unit is the latest fourth-generation of bone piezo from Woodpecker dental with several new upgrades for superior surgical results in atraumatic extractions, sinus lifts, alveoloplasty, crown extension, crest splitting + much more.
The Ai-Surgery bone piezo is more intelligent and powerful, with better cutting efficiency. The intelligent system will automatically adjust to the most appropriate output power according to the surgical procedure to avoid overheating. The new touch screen interface is user-friendly and more convenient for the dentist to operate. The multi-function foot pedal allows the user to easily change the modes and features.

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Convenient operation

Fully upgraded Woodpecker fourth generation of Piezo Bone Surgery, easier to operate
Mode selection
Power varies as per different bone quality
Water flow adjustment
Different water flow adjustment levels to choose from
One-touch enhancement
Exclusively featured one-touch power Enhancement
Easy rinse
After each use, rinse the pipeline via control of foot pedal

Multi-function foot pedal

  • Control of multiple functions
  • One-button rinse Mode

Sterilizable water pipe

  • External handpiece for easy disassembly and maintenance
  • Autoclavable

Ultra-quiet peristaltic pump

  • Continuous and precise flow control; direct water
  • flow to the tip end; efficient cooling
  • More silent and stable

The Ai-Surgery has a new and improved LED handpiece that eliminates overheating due to the enhanced sensing technology and smart control system. The Smart Control System automatically identifies the different bone quality and strength, and will adjust as necessary to achieve the optimal output. This makes the tips cut more efficiently, is less work for the dentist and is quieter for the patient.

The 14 Ai-Surgery tips that are included with the intro kit are as follows

Each tip may be purchased individually and are listed in the product dropdown above.

The Ai-Surgery offers four different pre-set working modes:

1) Cutting Mode

2) Periodontal Mode

3) Endodontic Mode and

4) Cleaning Mode.

Cutting Mode

There are seven power levels within the cutting mode.

Power Levels 5, 6 & 7 - Class I type bone, which is suitable for high bone density and big cortical bone

Power Levels 3 & 4 - Class II type bone, which is suitable for high bone density and large cortical bone

Power Levels 2 & 3 - Class III type bone, which is suitable for uniform bone density and good cortical bone

Power Levels 1 & 2 - Porotic type bone, which is suitable for low bone density and poor cortical bone

Periodontal Mode

Power and water are adjustable as needed. Endodontic Mode Power and water are adjustable as needed.

Cleaning Mode

This feature is used to clean the unit after each treatment/patient.


The Ai Surgery Unit Includes the following
Main Unit - 1
Handpieces - 2
14 tips - SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS1L, SS1R, SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4, SL5, SI1 and SC1
Foot Switch - 1
Power Cord - 1
Hook - 1
Tip Holder - 1
Pump Tubing - 1
Connector for Pump Tubing - 1
Sterilize Box for Tips - 1
Torque Wrench - 1
Single Package - 2
Tip Book - 1
Silicone Handle Holder - 2
Saline Connector - 2
Instruction Manual - 1
Warranty Card - 1

How to use of each Tip - Ultrasurgery Tip Book

ultrasurgery tip book

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