Wouldn’t it be nice if extractions were easier and didn’t require so much strength? The Physics Forceps™ use a patented technique called “beak & bumper” to implement leverage naturally, making extractions easier than ever. This highly effective system is dentist-designed and clinically proven, making it the easiest, most effective extraction option available. Do you wish there was an easier way to manage implant spacing with more accuracy and no surgical guide? We invite you to consider the MD Guide, a device which serves as an all-in-one pilot drill and surgical guide for placing implants. Are you looking for a way to minimize discomfort from injections? Take a look at VibraJect, the easiest and most cost-effective device of its kind on the market for painless injections. Are you sick of cutting off crowns and wasting expensive burs and time? You may want to consider the WAMkey crown remover - simple crown and bridge remover. We also have available our Wagotrix sectional matrix system, GoldOss allograft bone graft, osteogen plugs, long lasting dental membranes, PGA sutures, a full endo line including endo rotary files, K-files., paper points, gutta percha, sealer, woodpecker endo motor, fiber posts, metal posts and more! Looking for HVE suction mirrors or PPE that minimizes aerosols, look at our HVE mirrors. We also have a full line of convention inexpensive dental instruments such hemostats, forceps, elevators, hygiene, probes, scissors and much more.