Woodpecker DTE D600 Ultrasonic Scaler

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The Woodpecker DTE D600 Ultrasonic Scaler is reliable, affordable and efficient. The D600 Scaler has many clinical uses including supragingival scaling and periodontal treatment, endodontic irrigation and root canal retreatment.  The Sine-Wave Drive avoids stimulation caused by instantaneous current output delivering comfortable scaling treatment for the patient. The touch screen controls are waterproof and ultra sensitive to touch for easy power adjustments.  The D600 is compatible with more than 70+ Woodpecker / DTE Ultrasonic Tips offered by GoldenDent.
Automatic Water Supply System. Solutions such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and saline can be used. The D600 has an easy to change water system with a clear 50ml scale mark to makes it convenient to formulating solutions.
Detachable Handpiece with LED that is fully autoclaveable.
D600 Ultrasonic Scaler Product Packing List:
Main Unit x1
Detachable Handpiece x 1
Power Cord x1
Foot Switch x1
Torque Wrench x1
Endo Wrench x1
Water Pipe x1
Quick-connector for water x1
700ml water bottle x1
Waterproof O Ring
Bottle Sealed Ring
LED Lamp x1
Instruction of LED Lamp Replacment x1
Instruction Manual x1
Qulified Certification x1
Warranty Card x1
Packing List x1
GD5 x1
ED12D x 1
PD7 x 1
PD12 x 1
ED3D x 1
ED6 x 1
ED15 x 1
ED60 x 2

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