Flex Series: Implant Abutment Forcep #1

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Flex Series: Implant Abutment Forcep - FS IA1

Gently hold and stabilize healing abutments during the approach, positioning and placement into the implant. The driver easily screws the healing abutment into the implant while being secured by the Implant Abutment Forcep. The prongs of the instrument are together when at rest and are expanded by lightly pressing the inside of the handles outward with your fingers to open the prongs to engage the healing abutment. The semilunar prongs will then come together lightly and gently hold the abutment.

There are two distinct models to choose from. The FS IA1 and FS IA2 instruments.

The FS IA1 is a 90-degree in-line access instrument.

The FS IA2 is a 75-degree off-set access instrument.

The FS IA1 is the perfect universal forcep with in-line access. The FS IA2 has off-set access and provides a slight advantage in the posterior region. It is also perfect for use with mirror or microscope to increase visibility.

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