Flex Series: Tunneling Graft Forcep

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This instrument is part of our GoldenDent Flex Series Instrumentation line. The 100% USA made GoldenDent Flex Series instruments use unique, technologically advanced manufacturing and design principles from the highest grade surgical steel available on the market containing zero carbon. Since the steel contains zero carbon, the instruments are guaranteed for life to never rust under any circumstances. The GoldenDent Flex Series instruments are designed to do just that - flex! The instruments will flex as needed and remember its designed shape and purpose every time regardless of its use over time. The technological advancements in the manufacturing process allows the instruments to flex, but have the required strength it needs to perform the designed function of the instrument - they will not weaken, bend or break. Each instrument has been designed by a dentist and extensively clinically tested. We invite you to experience the difference in quality from the GoldenDent Flex Series with our Lifetime Guarantee policy.

Instrument bodies carry a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects (rust, loosening and breakage). Cutting edges, carbide jaw inserts and handle locking mechanisms are guaranteed for 1-year from date of purchase.

Flex Series: Tunneling Graft Forceps (FS TFU)

The GoldenDent Flex Series FS TFU allows for a simplified method for the placement of tunnel connective tissue grafts. The FS TFU has straight tips that are diamond dusted to prevent slippage. The tips are also micro thin for easy uninterrupted passage through the tunnel to grasp the graft. The steps for use are as follows:

  1. create the tunnel using your standard methods;
  2. close the FS TFU handles and walk them through the tunnel;
  3. slightly open the handles and grasp the graft material; and
  4. slowly pull or withdraw the graft through the tunnel to be placed in proper position.

The FS TFU has been clinically proven to save significant amounts of time to perform connective tissue grafts and is far superior than using other methods for such types of grafts.

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