Yirro Self Cleaning Mirror

Yirro Comfort Intro Kit and Yirro Premium Intro Kit
Yirro is an innovative self cleaning dental mirror system that provides continuous clear sight for dentists based on controllable air-flow cleaning the mirror surface. Work more efficiently, stay focused with no interruptions, and save time during dental procedures. Perfect for microsurgery! Not only does the lens stay clean and clear, the lens quality is far superior to conventional mirrors. The Yirro mirror has dielectric front surface reflective coatings resulting in extreme reflectivity and brightness.
Yirro-plus® mirrors can withstand a minimum of 100 times in the autoclave. Beyond the number of cleaning and sterilization processes, the actual use plays a crucial role with respect to the wearance. Most users benefit from Yirro mirrors for around 6 to 8 months. In order to minimize wearance from the regular cleaning process, the special Yirro-plus® cleaning box and noSPOT caps were developed. When applying noSPOT caps during autoclaving, your HR mirrors no longer need to be rubbed clean, only shortly rinsed with water, which shows the mirror to last longer
Yirro-plus® mirror heads are provided with dielectric front surface reflective coatings, with extreme reflectivity (visually brighter when compared to a Rhodium front surface mirrors). Yirro mirrors are further provided with a water- and grease-repellent multi-layered coating. The glass surface has been grinded and polished to be extremely flat; offering a highly reliable image, which can be made visible by directing a presentation laser pointer over the mirror surface.
No such complaints have been made by patients during pre-tests and actual customer use. Nonetheless the experts have indicated a difference in patient-sensibility concerning the air flow in general. For this reason the regulation button was developed, in order to fine-tune the air flow individually. In summary, it is not a known issue or concern with use.
Every service technician should be able to install this system independently from the unit, by use of the included connection supply. In most cases, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes to install the system. If your unit has an exterior air connection you should easily be able to self install the Yirro-plus system on this connection.

Every Yirro-plus start set is to be connected directly to your compressor. The PREMIUM system is also to be connected with electricity. In all Intro Kits, a separate installation instruction sheet is included, together with all connection supplies. For connection to compressed air, a 6mm T-part (1/4”) is included. In the PREMIUM start set, a 24VDC medical power adaptor with interchangeable blades is included. This adaptor is suitable for 90-240VAC and can be connected to an electrical contact (EU, UK, US, AU) or to a terminal block by use of included wires / contra-connector. More detailled information is to be found in the separate installation instruction sheet.