Woodpecker PT5 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler & Periodontal Treatment System

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The Woodpecker PT5 is the ultimate ultrasonic device that consistently delivers fast, professional and minimal-invasive scaling, polishing and periodontal treatments comfortably for the patient. The PT5 utilizes titanium tips in an elliptical (circular) motion which are more comfortable and flexible during treatment. The PT5 built-in technology allows the impact force between the tip and the teeth to be automatically adjusted for maximum comfort. The PT5 automatically increases power when resistance at the tip increases and automatically decreases power when resistance at the tip decreases. All this combines to give an intelligent and intuitive technology that respects the tooth's natural structure. No Pain! Less stress for you and the patient. This is not just another scaler, but the best.

  • The PT5 has a standard ultrasonic mode and also an endo mode, which can easily be changed with the touch of a button.
  • The unit has a multi-functional waterproof touch-panel interface with blue LED lights to regulate the power & irrigation settings with ease.
  • The PT5 has 12 power increment levels to choose from with intuitive touch and feel to easily adapt to individual clinical requirements.
  • Automatic water supply system has 20ml marks and is usable with hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine. Easy to change water.
  • Handpiece is ergonomic, has LED light, sterilizable and comes with two handpieces for maximum efficacy. Woodpecker Piezo LED light dramatically improves operator visibility. It reduces the risk of accidental injury and increases precision and safety in scaling. The detachable handpieces can also be autoclaved to prevent cross infection.
  • Amplitude 20-60um, frequency 2800Hz, treatment depth 14mm.
  • Eliminates the need for tedious and uncomfortable hand scaling and does not injure cementum.

Compare to EMS® Piezon Master 700® that is thousands more!

Kit includes: 2 LED handpieces, 13 tips, 2 sterilization boxes, in a smart carrying case.

The tips are as follows:

Woodpecker PT5 tips kit

The tips included with the unit are as follows:

Periodontal Product Chart

How Does This Compare to Cavitron®-Style (magnetostrictive) Scalers? And Why You Need the PT5 in Your Office

Cavitron®-style (magnetostrictive) scalers are often underpowered for calculus removal and can cause sensitivity when used on exposed dentin. Cavitron scalers can also damage implants if you are not very careful. The technology available today in a unit such as the PT5 ultrasonic delivers more than you can ever achieve with Cavitron scalers including the following:

  • Piezo scalers require less water to control heat are more comfortable for patients with breathing conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Metal stacks on magnetostrictive inserts can be easily bent, which could impair vibration and overall function. This is not an issue for the PT5 piezo scaler with titanium tips.
  • The PT5 handpiece is wider and more ergonomically designed than the thinner magnetostrictive Cavitron®-style handpiece, so it is more comfortable to use for the hygienist.
  • The entire handpiece does not vibrate so there is greater tactile sensitivity with a piezo scaler compared to a cavitron scaler.
  • Milder vibrations and decreased water output compared to Cavitron®-style scalers make the patient much more comfortable.
  • The LED lighting allows you to see how you are adapting the instrument tip to the tooth.
  • The scaling tips are made of titanium and are very durable. Cavitron ®-style tips are fragile and expensive with long metal strips that can easily bend  and lose their effectiveness. Magnetostrictive (Cavitron®-style) tips can be quickly worn out, broken or bent and replacement tips are very expensive to replace.
  • The whole piezo scaling handpiece is detachable and can be sterilized so it is more hygienic than a Cavitron®-style scaler.
  • The PT5 scaler allows for the use of medicated solutions like Chlorhexidine for additional patient benefit and additional billable procedures. The PT5 offers the choice of distilled water or medicated rinse for irrigation in a simple and self contained single bottle design. This closed fluid delivery system reduces the risk of biofilm contamination from a potentially contaminated public water supply. The use of a medicated solution can enhance practice production from additional subgingival irrigation billable services.
  • Cavitron®-style scalers can cause a rougher surface and tooth damage. Piezo scalers uses a low mechanical impact force and will not damage tooth surfaces, or dental implants.

Studies have proven that patients prefer the piezoelectric power scaler over the magnetostrictive (Cavitron®-style) scaler. Consistent hygiene revenue is key to practice growth and the PT5 scaler delivers comfort and performance from hygiene for the patient and the hygienist as the PT5 reduces operator fatigue.

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