Tooth Extraction Procedure: The Physics Forceps are much different than the Ogram System

The Physics Forceps were invented by dentists, for dentists, unlike the Ogram System. As we have discussed in other articles, performing atraumatic extractions has a lot of interest these days mainly due to the desire to preserve bone and place immediate tooth implants.

We are sometimes asked if our concept is the same as the Ogram System, and the answer is no. Sure we both market that our systems allow for atraumatic extractions, but that is really where the similarities stop. We design and sell dental extraction forceps allowing dentists to perform atraumatic extractions on any tooth, in any condition (excluding impacted third molars), typically in less than four minutes.

The timing of the procedure is the key statement, where the Ogram System is fine if you have the several minutes to walk away from your patient in the middle of the procedure, but in this business time is money and why take longer than four minutes to perform atraumatic extractions? It is simply is not good business, nor does it increase your bottom line.

The Physics Forceps were invented by Dr. Richard Golden, a general practicing dentist in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Golden graduated from the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Dentistry in 1971. To increase office efficiencies, in the early 1990's, Dr. Golden began to closely analyze the typical methods dentists performed procedures and realized the conventional methods and instruments available were quite antiquated. Extractions, in particular, were one primary area he focused on and he was determined to improve the predictability of tooth extractions. In 1993, Dr. Golden began to study the techniques of performing tooth extractions and his most notable breakthrough was the discovery of applying the power and predictability of controlled leverage to the tooth extraction procedure. This resulted in the development of several innovative atraumatic extraction techniques over the next ten years, including the Physics Forceps. The Physics Forceps are sold directly by Golden Dental Solutions, as well as globally by a large network of global partners.

Golden Dental Solutions is very involved in continuing education and takes great pride in helping other dentists learn new advancements in dentistry. Dr. Richard Golden currently teaches a live patient continuing education course at the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Dentistry entitled Achieving Atraumatic Extractions on a monthly basis for practicing dentists from all over the U.S. focusing on the Physics Forceps and its associated technique. In this course the participants have the opportunity to perform atraumatic extractions on many bad teeth utilizing the Physics Forceps and our latest atraumatic extraction invention – the GMX 69 Upper Root Tip Extraction System. In this course we will not advise walking away for a smoke break as the Ogram System - we guarantee it.

We are confident you will find our dental extraction forceps as exciting and revolutionary as the thousands of satisfied dentists currently using our dental extraction forceps to perform atraumatic extractions and they would be a great asset to your practice.

Physics Forceps: Standard Series Set

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The Standard Series Set includes the following instruments:

GMX 100R - Upper Right, teeth # 2 to 5
GMX 100L - Upper Left, Teeth # 12 to 15
GMX 100A - Upper Anterior, teeth # 6 to 11
GMX 200U - Universal Lower, teeth # 18 to 31

In addition to these dental extraction forceps, the set includes 48 bumper guards and an instructional DVD.

Learn more and eliminate tooth extraction frustration forever at and by calling 1-877-987-2284. Atraumatic extractions have never been easier.

Golden Dental Solutions (formerly known as GoldenMisch).

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