HVE Suction Dental Mirror Intro Kit (M7)

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Reduce Infectious Aerosols & Simply Work More Efficiently in Your Dental Office with GoldenDent’s HVE Dental Mirror. Not only is it Safe, it is also Smart!

According to the literature you have likely studied during the last year or so, dental offices fall within one of the highest risk categories for transmission and contraction of COVID-19, or there airborne disease. Communication with patients on a face-to-face basis, exposure to body fluids, and the aerosolization of these fluids during routine procedures puts you, your staff, and your patients at a higher risk.

It is also well documented that proper high volume suction during many dental procedures in your office eliminates over 90% of these dental aerosols. Many well-documented research studies have found that using High Volume Evacuation (HVE) greatly reduces aerosols and spatter generated during routine dental procedures. HVE has been proven to significantly decrease the transmission of communicable diseases from patient to dentist and dental professionals.

Studies show that most aerosol-containing infectious agents originating from the patient remain 36” from the patient’s face during procedures, which is you're working space. These aerosols, as well as spatter, pose a threat to those in this proximity.

Continuous suction with GoldenDent’s M7 HVE Mirror is an easy and affordable method to protect yourself, your staff, and your patients from infectious particles, including COVID-19. You are already using a dental mirror, so put your dental mirror to work with additional HVE from your mirror. The GoldenDent HVE Mirror has 20 HVE holes around the lens and on the back of the mirror head to help control dental aerosols.

The M7 HVE Mirror easily connects in seconds to you're existing HVE valve and is one safety precaution you can easily and affordably implement into your practice amongst other recommended PPE precautions. Reducing aerosols alone is not the only precaution you will need to take in your practice, but reducing infectious aerosols through HVE can absolutely help according to documented studies.

The quick 3-Axis rotation connection is lightweight and allows for 360-degree free rotation of the mirror handle with minimal drag.

Product Includes:

  • Assorted Color HVE Suction Dental Mirrors: Qty 5
  • Replacement Mirror Lenses & Silicone Plugs: Qty 4
  • Replacement Mirror Keys: Qty 1
  • HVE Air Connections & Tubing Kit: Qty 1
  • Instructions for Use

Product Highlights

  • Quick Connect HVE Tubing & Connectors - Set Up with Ease
  • Unparalleled Working Visibility & Isolation Without Distraction
  • Ultra High Definition Front Surface Alloy Coated Lens (R98%)
  • Autoclavable Medical-Grade Plastic for Optimal Hygiene


Product Description

The patented HVE Suction Dental Mirror system combines an Ultra High Definition front surface alloy coated mirror lens with an industry-best reflectance rate of 98% with quick connect HVE tubing for unparalleled working visibility and isolation without distraction. The system has an instant plug and uses connect option to easily connect the provided tubing to your HVE unit (11mm or 16mm standard) with ease in seconds without hassle. The quick 3-Axis rotation connection is lightweight and allows for 360-degree free rotation of the mirror handle with minimal drag.

The mirror provides powerful suction with 20 suction holes around the mirror lens and on the back of the mirror face

The 5.5mm thin mirror tip, or working end, is currently the thinnest in the dental industry for ease of use.

The HVE mirror utilizes the patented 1-Click mirror replacement system, where the mirror lenses can be easily replaced in an affordable and efficient manner as needed.

The Dental Mirrors are autoclavable at 135C, but will NOT last forever. Over time the plastic can fatigue and may need to be replaced.

Easily disconnect the mirrors from the HVE tubing in seconds with the quick-connect design.

The mirror lens is 23mm in size.

Learn More by calling us at 877.987.2284 to speak to one of our representatives.

Sterilization: Steam Sterilization up to 275° F / 135° C (including the tubing and attachment parts). Products can be ultrasonic cleaned before autoclave.

Mirror Weight: 0.388014 ounces

We have all parts in stock in any parts that are lost or damaged.


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