Cassette: Physics Forceps – GMX 100/200 Standard Series and/or GMX 400 Molar Series

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Cassette 110 - Measures 9'' x 8'' x 1 1/4''

This cassette was designed to properly fit the GMX 100/200 Standard Series Set on a stand-alone basis or in combination with the GMX 400 Molar Series Set of Physics Forceps (4 instruments or 6 instruments).

OVS (Open Ventilation System) Instrument Cassette that allows maximum circulation for efficient ultrasonic cleaning.  All stainless steel cassettes are designed for ease of opening and closing, with a double hinge design and a push button latch.  Compression rails and blue color coding tubes are medical grade silicone that is easy to identify.  This cassette is compatible with all sterilization methods.

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