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The AerosolARMor HVE arm is as simple and affordable as it gets to reduce infectious aerosols in your dental office.

It is well documented that proper high volume suction during many dental procedures in your office eliminates over 90% of these dental aerosols. Many well documented research studies have found that using High Volume Evacuation (HVE) greatly reduces aerosols and spatter generated during routine dental procedures. HVE has been proven to significantly decrease transmission of communicable diseases from patient to dentist and dental professionals.

The AerosolARMor rubber clamp grippers simply attach securely anywhere on your dental chair where it is convenient. The unique AerosolARMor clamp with a thumb screw clip gently holds the existing HVE line and valve securely in place without “pinching” the HVE line or reducing its suction capabilities.

To better shield you from aerosols you can use a dry oral cup or funnel in your HVE, or simply use a conventional HVE tip.

The AerosolARMor is also perfect for holding your saliva ejector making it easier than ever to work with an extra arm.

Clip, attach HVE to clamp, & bend the arm close to the patient's mouth. It is this simple!


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