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What is Numbee?

The Numbee Needle-less Dental Anesthesia Delivery System allows practitioners the ability to delivery rapid onset of localized (“single tooth”) anesthesia without using a needle or conventional injection techniques. The Numbee system utilizes a patented and innovative designed tip that allows for an atraumatic PDL injection that is comfortable for the patient and prevents any damage to the ligaments or the cementum of the tooth. With Numbee, the numbness for the patient is confined to a single tooth eliminating the common discomfort for patients with numbness to their lips, gums and cheeks. The duration of anesthesia with a PDL injection using NumBee is comparable to an infiltration with a duration of approximately 35-45 minutes.

Why Should You Implement Numbee?

No patients like needle injections, this we know. You’ve seen the range of emotions in your patients from mild uneasiness to absolute fear. Your patients will generally not tell you the fear or discomfort they experience relating to an injection as it is considered an acceptable aspect of the dentist. However, it is a fact many patients avoid seeing the dentist simply to avoid the “needle.” Regardless of how refined your injection technique is, the Numbee is a unique and simple solution that will eliminate your patient’s injection anxiety and discomfort as they do not see any use of a needle, which will ultimately lead to happier patients, more frequent visits and increased referrals. You owe it to your patients to provide them ease of mind with this needle-less dental anesthesia delivery system.

Beyond patient comfort, let’s face it, this is not a practitioners favorite aspect of their professions and anything that is an adjunct to this process that helps is a positive. Numbee will also allow you the ability to work more efficiently. Numbee allows for rapid onset of anesthesia and dental work can begin immediately after administration. This saves you time and time is money in your practice. With Numbee you will also use a significantly less anesthetic dosage leading to lower chances of toxicity and less material expense.

Numbee is a perfect solution for your pediatric patients or needle phobia patients. Perfect for hygiene scaling, crown prep, filings, etc. For longer or more invasive procedures you will likely still have to use conventional methods based on the duration of the Numbee system.

Do I Need A Special Syringe to Use Numbee?

No. If you can screw a standard dental needle on the device in question, then you can use the NumBee with that device. However, with this said, studies have shown that patients respond more positively when our Numbee intraligamental syringe is utilized as patients associate a conventional looking syringe with a needle. For the most effective patient experience and easier administration using Numbee we recommend using an intraligamental syringe with the Numbee tips, but it is not required or necessary to utilize the Numbee system.

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