Luxator® LX Intro Kit

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Luxator® LX - Mechanical Periotome

Luxator® LX - Mechanical Periotome The Luxator® LX mechanical periotome offers improved safety, precision and access for an atraumatic patient friendly extraction by using self directing, reciprocating movements that allow the periotome tip to follow the root surface to efficiently/safely cut the periodontal ligament fibers. Perfect for the hard to access posterior regions of the mouth. The Luxator® LX Mechanical Periotome will only cut when under pressure, which means no risk of slipping. The titanium coated tip is a durable tip and remains sharp.

Luxator® LX Intro Kit includes: handpiece, periotome tips short 2mm and 3mm, periotome tips long 2mm and 3mm, tip holder and plunger.

- Luxator® LX Handpiece,1 pc - Luxator® LX Periotome Tip LX3S Short, 3mm, 1 pc
- Luxator® LX Periotome Tip LX3L Long, 3mm, 1 pc
- Luxator® LX Periotome Tip LX2S Short, 2mm, 1 pc
- Luxator® LX Periotome Tip LX2L Long, 2mm, 1 pc


Luxator LX® FAQ

What is the recommended speed for Luxator® LX?
The recommended speed for Luxator® LX is 2000-4000 rpm on a unit motor and 1,000 rpm on a electric implant motor. Higher torque and less rpm is recommended.

What happens if I exceed the recommended speed when using Luxator® LX?
A faster speed than recommended will not make extractions easier or faster, but it will cause uncomfortable vibrations for the patient and the operator. In the logn run it might also damage the contrangle.

Can I sharpen the Luxator LX® Tips?
No. Do not sharpen the tips as this will damage the coating.

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