Golden-Taper Rotary Endo Files

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GOLDenTaper are comparable to ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold® files and technique.

* Optimal Flexibility - Heat-treated NiTi delivers amazing flexibility.
* No Bounce Back - to preserve apical anatomy
* Unmatched Strength & Quality

The GOLDenTaper files are available in 21mm, 25mm, 31mm lengths and are to be used in the same manner and technique as ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold®. This very popular technique will make your switch the our GOLDen-Taper files easy and seamless.

Progressively tapered design of the files, which delivers significantly improved cutting efficiency and safety. The GOLDenTaper convex triangular cross-section enhances the cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the GOLDenTaper file and dentin.

Get the same great results for less cost. Compare today and switch. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Golden-Taper Rotary Endo Files, GoldenDent Michigan

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