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The Nordin Titanium Retention Pins are machined out of a solid rod of premium pure titanium with the same precision smooth cut thread as a Swiss made watch which gives the pins maximum retention. The titanium pins are not merely a threaded wire pushed into a shaft, but they are machined out of a solid rod of premium pure titanium making them much better than any other titanium pins on the market at a fraction of the cost of market leaders.

Other benefits include

  • Made from non-corrosive titanium material;
  • Soft-shearing
  • Self-centering
  • Smooth-cutting
  • Maximum retention
  • Cut from solid rod
  • Superior stability

Instructions for Use:

1)Drill hole in dentin where pin retention is desired avoiding closeness to pulp and outside of tooth;
2)Insert shaft of pin in standard contra angle;
3)Put point of pin at appropriate R.P.M. to pre-drill hole and pin will center into and penetrate to the bottom and automatically break off from shank; and
4)Pin can be bent with appropriate instruments if increased retention is desired.

Product Availability:

Nordin Titanium Dentin Retention Pins Intro Kit (Part NMPK)
0.60mm, 12 Pins + 1 Drill

Nordin Titanium Dentin Retention Pins Refill (Part NMPR)
0.60mm, 100 Pins + 4 Drills

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