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The Glassix Plus Fiber Post system is the latest generation of highly radiopaque & light transmitting fiber posts on the market today. It was recently awarded an Excellent Rating by the Dental Advisor for Post & Core Kit on the market with a 96% approval rating. The fiber posts are anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with an easy to follow color coded (white, yellow, red and blue) system for easy identification and mechanical retention. The fiber posts come in 4 different sizes. The indication is for corono-radicular reconstructions.

Beyond the clinical benefits, the Glassix-Plus product cost is a fraction of the cost of market leaders.

Some of the advantages of the Glassix-Plus Fiber Post system are as follows:

  • Four sizes: 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 mm
  • Color-coded removable ring
  • Micro retentive surface - Excellent retention
  • Spiral groove
    • Additional retention
    • Resists torque forces
    • Venting for cement
    • No sharp edge that can initiate breakage
  • Conical–Cylindrical Design
    • Preserves tooth structure in narrow apical section
    • Taper follows preparation of greater taper files
  • Drill cuts extremely smooth and precisely - Minimal heat creation and burnishing of dentin canal walls
  • Optimal radiopacity (350%Al.) - Easily detected for later needs and insurance claims;
  • Light conducting for the use of dual curing resin cements;
  • Allows for immediate completion of post & core procedure;
  • Elasticity comparable to natural dentin (20 Gpa);
  • Optimal aesthetic results to its translucent matrix; and
  • 100% biocompatible - epoxy free.

Product Availability:
Glassix Fiber Post Intro Kit, 4x5 Glassix Plus + 4x1 Reamer + 1 Pilot Reamer (Part GFIK)
Glassix +Plus Refill No 1: ø1.2-ø0.6, 10 Glassix +Plus, White (Part GF01)
Glassix +Plus Refill No 2: ø1.5-ø0.8, 10 Glassix +Plus, Yellow (Part GF02)
Glassix +Plus Refill No 3: ø1.8-ø0.9, 10 Glassix +Plus, Red (Part GF03)
Glassix +Plus Refill No 4: ø2.0-ø1.0, 10 Glassix +Plus, Blue (Part GF04)
Glassix +Plus Reamer Refill No 1, 3 Reamers, White (Part GFR1)
Glassix +Plus Reamer Refill No 2, 3 Reamers, Yellow (Part GFR2)
Glassix +Plus Reamer Refill No 3, 3 Reamers, Red (Part GFR3)
Glassix +Plus Reamer Refill No 4, 3 Reamers, Blue (Part GFR4)
Glassix +Plus Pilot Reamer Refill, 3 Pilot Reamers (Part GFRP)

Fiber Posts, GoldenDent Michigan

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